What Should Be My First Post On Medium Be Like?

I have been meaning to write my first post for a long time. Thought about a various topic that interests me personally, like should I write about

  • Book reviews/ book recommendations or
  • On reading or
  • About writing or
  • Mental health or
  • Should it be about a series or movie that I watched on Netflix
  • What about nature that is so inspiring?

What should be my first topic??

After days of thinking, writing, and rewriting, in my head, on my notepad and, on my laptop. Here I am finally. Writing about the ‘first post’. That’s when I thought, why shouldn’t I write about the problems I faced when I started thinking about the first post on Medium.

Well, I’ve been reading Medium articles for a very long time and the writers have inspired me to start my page. They have inspired me to write about the kinds of stuff that occurs in my daily life. On how my morning cycling is helping?, or How reading books has changed my perspective, or how writing has healed me. The topic can be about anything, but getting to it and writing it down is all it takes, right?

I am a person with lots of self-doubts. Before anyone else criticises me, I end up doing it myself. So, writing my first article wasn’t easy. Here are the things I did before writing my first post:

  • Read lots and lots of first posts.
  • Searched Google about ‘what should be my first article about?’
  • Saw a few videos on how to get started.

But believe me, nothing helped, not that those weren’t good first posts or videos. It’s just that my mind was still questioning everything that was being said. ‘Writing’ was something that came very late into my life. I could never believe I could write on my own, without guidance or a topic. So I was always under-confident questioning myself on what words to use or would my writing make sense. Which made me take up lots and lots of writing courses too, but did that make me any confident? To a certain extent, yes. But as soon as the course was over I was back to square one. The only thing that reassured me of me being a writer was when I started writing on my own without the compulsion of a course or an assignment. And practising almost every other day.

Finally, I have concluded that — to call yourself a writer you just have to write and write a lot. Not in your head, but out on an actual paper or your laptop. So, here goes my first post on ‘Medium’ on the difficulties I faced before posting my first post.




I read a lot and write too. But I am yet call myself ‘A Writer’. I love writing about books, movies, music. Poetry and fictional snippets are my favourites.

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I read a lot and write too. But I am yet call myself ‘A Writer’. I love writing about books, movies, music. Poetry and fictional snippets are my favourites.

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